NanoPro 9H Ceramic Coating Certified Installer and Distributor

After We Install A Ceramic Coating Package To Your Vehicle, You Will Experience:  Extreme Gloss  Extreme Hydrophobic Effects  Chemical Resistance  Permanent Protection  Corrosion & Oxidation Resistance  UV Protection  Temperature Resistance  Hardness Level Above 9h  Scratch Resistance.

Nano Technology is the highest level of both marine and automotive surface protection. All Nano Pro products are SGS tested and MSDS approved. We assure you of the highest quality products in cutting-edge nanotechnology. Our 9h Ceramic Coatings are SGS Tested and Approved. One Layer of coating provides 3-5 year warranty! Our product will cure 80% in 3 hours. And can be completed outside unlike other products.   Our Product will protect your paint and surfaces against    

 -Surface Scratching 

 -Paint Chalking 



-Loss Of Gloss 

 -UV Damage 

 -Bug Impacts 

 -Color Fading 

 -Acid Rain

Xtreme Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating in St. louis, Mo. We Can install your Ceramic Coating at our Shop, Or we can come to you! 

Xtreme Auto Detailing in St. Louis, Mo