Paint Correction Services in St. Louis

Restore and rejuvenate the paint on your vehicle! Swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping and acid rain etching can make your car appear older and more worn down that it really is. That's because these kinds of things cause light to be reflected in various directions, making the surface dull and hazy.

But it's possible to restore your car's beauty with patience and the correct process.

We won't cover up or hide imperfections with filler like some who provide paint protection in St. Louis. Instead, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris. After the wash process, we use a clay bar to safely remove any contaminants that have bonded to the surface such as tar and industrial fallout.

Then we remove a small amount of clear coat or paint from the surface with polisher and polish products in multiple stages. Similar to sanding a beautiful piece of wood to perfection, we start with a heavier compound to remove the surface material and graduate to finer products that remove marks and refine the finish.

The paint correction process is a  balancing act.  If you go too far, you can remove too much paint and leave it too thin or even strike through the paint. That's why we use special lighting that mimics daylight and a gauge to measure the thickness as we go. 

Some scratches or imperfections may be too deep or severe to safely remove so we try to minimize them through polishing and polish products that round off the edges and make them less apparent.

Paint correction is  a very labor intensive process and is the most time-consuming part of car detailing. But it's worth the wait. When we're done your car's surface will shine and reflect the light brilliantly. Those swirl marks, scratches and blemishes will be invisible to the naked eye!

Paint Correction Starts at $250

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