Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Is heat and sun bothering you as you drive?  Do you just want to look cooler as you're driving around town? Window tinting may be the answer.  All of our films have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Window tinting prevents fading and damage the car's interior from UV rays. Tinting can also keep the interior of your car cooler and reduce glare from oncoming vehicles. Tinting provides a layer of privacy and security as it makes it difficult to easily see what is inside the vehicle. 

Xtreme Detail also uses ceramic film the highest quality of window tint film. It contains no metal, dye, or carbon. Although it is more expensive than other tinting films, ceramic window tinting cuts 45 to 50% of solar heat while still allowing for maximum visiblity during the day and night.  It also blocks 99% of UV light that can cause sunburn and skin cancer. 

Ceramic window tinting won't interfere with your radio, cell phone, GPS systems or other devices.

It also makes your window highly shatter proof. 

Please contact us for window tinting in St. Louis at our Arnold shop.

Most Cars Regular Film $225-$250

Most Cars Ceramic Film $400-$425

4 Door Trucks $225-$250

4 Door Truck Ceramic Film $400-$425

Extended Cab Truck $185-$200

Extended Cab Truck Ceramic Film $370-$400

Single Cab $165

Single Cab Ceramic Film $350

SUV $265

SUV Ceramic Film $425

Front Doors $100

Sunstrip $60

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